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Central Florida Restoration Solutions is here to help our customers through the very stressful experience of water, fire, smoke, and odor damages to your home or business. Our approach is to first take care of the customer. We will come to you, assess the extent of damages, and provide you with our recommendations. Sometimes, that may be as simple as telling you how to resolve the problem yourself at no cost. If the problem requires a professional, then we’ll give you an honest answer to that too. We believe in ultimately doing the right thing in all aspects of our business. CFRS is founded on the Golden Rule. We’ll treat you the way that we would want be treated!!!

Our Services

Water Restoration

Water damage can be caused by many factors, which is why we are trained and equipped to get your property dry in any circumstance.

Mold Remediation

Storm damage and flooding can cause hidden mold in many homes. Our qualified extraction team has the equipment and experience to find and eliminate this health threat.

Fire/Smoke Restoration

Time is key when you have suffered from fire damage. Our quick response teams are fully trained to make sure no further damage occurs after the fact.

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