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When you think of all the dangerous appliances in your home, you probably don’t think about your toaster. Most people don’t realize that the exposed coils inside a toaster can heat up to 450 degrees. When crumbs build up inside the appliance or a small flammable item like a piece of paper falls into toaster slots it can produce a big enough flame to create severe damage in your home.

Even if you manage to get your toaster fire under control, it can leave lasting impacts both in the destruction of property and the ongoing smell of smoke. If you find yourself with a toaster fire on your hands, you should call Central Florida Restoration Solutions immediately. Our team will assess the damage to your home, remediate damage where necessary, and remove any trace of toaster fire damage from your home. And if you need to rebuild due to extensive damage, we have a list of preferred vendors for you to work with


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Frequently asked questions

What is salvageable after a fire?

After a fire, determining what is salvageable can be a big task. Typically, your hard goods and nonporous items like tile flooring are able to be cleaned and even soft goods like couches can be sent off to be cleaned. However, the cost of cleaning and restoring some things may exceed the cost of replacement. Central Florida Restoration Solutions always works with you during this difficult time to determine what should be cleaned and what should be replaced.

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