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Mold Damage

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Since bedrooms don’t typically house appliances that might leak water it can be more difficult to suss out the origin of such a leak. However, bedroom mold can be very detrimental to the health of whoever is sleeping there. Often such mold is caused by leaks from plumbing within the walls or roof leaks that run down your home’s interior framing. Once the source of the mold is identified and repaired our team can remove the damage and connect you with our preferred vendors to perform any additional building.


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Frequently asked questions

Is there mold in my house?

If you suspect you have mold in your house first look for spots. Patterns of small black, green, white, or orange spots are usually a key indicator as well as musty smells. However, in order to truly be sure whether or not you have mold you should have a remediation company out. After doing a visual inspection an air quality test may be recommended


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How to Handle Water, Mold, Fire & Smoke Damage to Your Property

How to Handle water, mold, fire, and smoke damage to your property