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Are you cleaning your clothes in a dirty laundry room?

You work hard to keep your clothes clean, and your laundry room is the central location for this effort. But how confident are you about the cleanliness of your laundry room? Due to appliances like washing machines, tub sinks, and water heaters, which are commonly found in laundry rooms, laundry room mold is an issue that many homeowners will struggle with at one point or another.

A small leak in the pipes that feed these appliances can go unnoticed for weeks providing laundry room mold all the time it needs to grow out of control. If you’re cleaning your clothes in a space overrun with laundry room mold, you deserve to have the experts on your case. Our team at Central Florida Restoration Solutions will be there when you need us to eliminate mold-damaged building materials and then connect you with the professionals you need to safely rebuild your laundry room.


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Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I find mold in my house?

If you find mold in your house and have tried finding a DIY solution, you’ve probably seen the suggestion of using bleach. Unfortunately, bleach does not remove mold; because, it’s a living organism and mold actually reacts to this “attack” by sending more spores into the air! So please give professionals like Central Florida Restoration Solutions a call to actually solve the problem!

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