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Mold Damage

Where in the world is this ceiling mold coming from?

Do you ever feel like house problems come in pairs? In the case of ceiling mold, you’re exactly right. Most often, ceiling mold is caused by one of two things. Roof damage or a leaking HVAC system. Living in Florida you’ve seen firsthand the damage that is caused by strong weather and how much your HVAC system must run to keep your home cool during our long, hot summers.

No matter how your ceiling leak originated, it is caused by water leaking from above and pooling on your ceiling which eventually causes mold to grow. The first step in gaining control of your ceiling mold problem is to determine the source of the leak so that it can be addressed and repairs made to your roof or HVAC. Once this source of your ceiling mold is resolved, the damaged ceiling materials can be removed and repaired. If you need help grappling with an ongoing ceiling mold problem, the team at Central Florida Restoration Solutions can help restore your home and connect you with our network of dependable experts.


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Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I find mold in my house?

If you find mold in your house and have tried finding a diy solution, you’ve probably seen the suggestion of using bleach. Unfortunately, bleach does not remove mold; because, it’s a living organism and mold actually reacts to this “attack” by sending more spores into the air! So please give professionals like Central Florida Restoration Solutions a call to actually solve the problem!

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