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Your kitchen is the most commonplace in your home for water leaks to develop mold. It’s terrible to imagine preparing family meals in and among kitchen mold, but well-meaning homeowners do it all the time. Because your sinks, dishwashers, and refrigerator supply lines are generally hidden from sight, the leaks caused by them are difficult to diagnose.

In the time between a leak starting and the homeowner recognizing it, kitchen mold has had plenty of time to develop. If you’re struggling to eradicate kitchen mold, it’s time to call out the professionals at Central Florida Restoration Solutions. Once we’ve identified the source of your leak we will remove damaged materials and mitigate water from the affected areas. Should you need additional services we will be happy to connect you with our preferred vendors.


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Frequently asked questions

Why do my cabinets smell strange?

The cause of a strange smell in your cabinets is likely due to mold growth. At some point if your cabinetry was exposed to moisture, mold likely is growing and sending spores into the air causing the odor.A remediation professional can do air quality testing and air remediation.

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