Are My Water-Based Appliances Causing Leaks? How You Can Tell And Next Steps

Are My Water-Based Appliances Causing Leaks? How You Can Tell And Next Steps

Did you know that the average cost of flooding damage from an air conditioning leak is $5,000? Or that leaks from water handling appliances can cause flooding that leads to mold growth, weakened flooring, and rotting wood? It’s true. Unfortunately, there are many times when homeowners don’t realize one of their appliances is leaking until a major failure occurs or they notice water damage somewhere in the house.

Uncovering water leaks before they cause water damage ensures your Central Florida home is protected against substantial structural damage. As appliance leaks often result in water accumulating in hidden places, like behind walls, inside cabinets, and underneath floors, calling in a water restoration company like Central Florida Restoration Solutions is essential to locate the source. We’re equipped to take whatever steps are necessary to fix an appliance leak and any resulting damage.

Common Causes of Appliance Leaks

We rely on our refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and dryers to simplify our lives. When one of them leaks, you could end up with significant problems.

Common causes of appliance leaks include:

  • Dishwasher: Most dishwashers leak because a drain or supply line is clogged or damaged. Drain line leaks can be slow or fast, and they often contain bacteria. Overflows often occur due to too much supply line pressure. Dishwashers connected to the kitchen sink can cause water damage if the sink is not emptied correctly or unclogged while the drain line’s in use. No matter what causes a water leak from a dishwasher, it’s critical to get it professionally dried to prevent mold growth.
  • Washing and drying machines: The hoses in your washing machine are pressurized, and a broken water line is like turning the tap on. If the line bursts while you’re away from home, you could end up with significant water damage. Even slower leaks from loose fittings and worn hoses can cause water damage and mold growth, especially behind the washing machine. Also, some newer model dryers have steam capabilities, which means they have a water connection that can suffer similar damage.
  • Refrigerators: If your refrigerator has a built-in icemaker, it has a supply line for water. If this line cracks or bursts, it can cause a significant amount of water damage. Some refrigerators develop slow water leaks at the base, which can go unnoticed for lengthy periods.
  • Air conditioners: AC equipment is a prime candidate for leaks. These leaks are usually slow and hidden behind walls and ceilings, meaning they’re often difficult to detect before mold starts to grow.
  • Water heaters: Damaged or cracked pipes, a leaking tank, or broken seals and fitting are all issues that contribute to a leaking water heater. Depending on the type and location of the leak, you could experience water leaking into walls and under floors, causing long-term damage if not dried promptly.

If your home suffers damage from any of these culprits, don’t wait to call for help immediately. A water damage restoration company like CFRS can provide quick, efficient services that ease your mind and save your property.

Damage from Appliance Leaks: What to Look For

Whether it’s from a broken supply line or connection, gasket failure, or internal component damage, if you suspect there’s an appliance leak in your Central Florida home, here are some of the signs you could be right.

  • Discoloration or rust on the appliance.
  • Bent and kinked rigid copper lines.
  • Seals with cracks, tears, or other breaks.
  • Puddling around the base of an appliance.

One of your best defenses against water damage from a leaking appliance is to invest in leak detection services. Fixing minor water-related issues before they develop into major leaks can save you money on repairs and your water bills!

Essential Things To Know About Leaking Appliance Cleanup

You’re always in great hands when you hire the water leak professionals at CFRS, but you’ll want to keep several things in mind if you’re ever faced with a leaking appliance problem.

  • React fast: It’s impossible to predict when a leak may cause significant flooding. As soon as you suspect or notice water damage, it’s crucial to respond immediately. Shut off the appliance’s water supply and contact a professional.
  • Avoid gray water: Gray water is filled with bacteria and other contaminants and can be dangerous to humans and pets. Most homeowners don’t have the equipment necessary to deal with gray water damage, so it’s best to call in water damage pros.
  • Trust the experts: If you have a leaking appliance, resultant water damage is guaranteed. Even if you fix the leak yourself, there’s no telling what hidden damage might have occurred before you discovered it. A professional water damage restoration company knows what to look for and the vital steps to keep your family and your home safe.

Water Restoration Services We Provide

Leaking appliances are not only an inconvenience that can create quite a mess, but they can cause significant damage, especially when unnoticed or unaddressed for hours. There’s the potential for mold growth, drywall, carpeting, and flooring damage, wood rot, and extensive structural damage.

The professionals at CFRS can quickly and accurately diagnose the scope of the damage from a leak and provide prompt cleanup, repair, and restoration. As Central Florida’s premier water restoration company, we’ve seen every type of appliance leak you can imagine and the damage they cause. Some of the leaks we deal with that could affect your appliances include:

  • Plumbing leaks – These can range in size from tiny pinholes to catastrophic pipe bursts. No matter their size, they can do enormous damage, including dangerous mold growth.
  • Pipe leaks – We can track their sources, mitigate damage, and clean and dry the affected area fast, even if they’re hidden.
  • HVAC leak – These include AC leaks, which can result in damage to the system itself and inside your home.
  • Water heater leaks – Water heaters can hold up to 80 gallons of water, so one that develops a leak can do a whole lot of damage to your Central Florida home, including mold growth and water damage to floors, subfloors, and walls.

Fortunately, because CFRS offers 24/7 emergency services, you’ll never wait long to protect your family and property from harm!

Who To Call When You Have a Leaking Water-Based Appliance

If you have water damage or flooding caused by a leaking kitchen appliance, water heater, or air conditioner, call CFRS immediately for fast water removal and complete water restoration services. A bucket and a mop are not enough for you to deal with water damage from an appliance leak!

CFRS has the tools and know-how you need to get to the source of the leak and prevent mold infestation and spread. Our leak detection and water damage restoration services include:

  • Clean work areas during and after the job’s complete.
  • Convenient scheduling and prompt services.
  • Friendly, courteous, and skilled technicians.
  • Honest, transparent pricing.
  • The most advanced tools and technologies to quickly detect leaks.

Along with water and mold damage restoration services, we’re also Central Florida’s most trusted fire damage and smoke damage company. We’re dedicated to making the water damage restoration process as stress-free as possible for our customers.

Contact CFRS online today to learn more about all the home restoration services we provide, including 24/7 emergency services. You can also call or text us at 407-988-6101. We’re always here to give you the customized support you need to keep your Central Florida home safe from water damage.

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