Can I Safely Dry Out Water Damage Myself?

Can I Safely Dry Out Water Damage Myself?

Did you know that removing just one inch of standing water from your Central Florida home can be a complex and sometimes costly endeavor? Each year, U.S. homeowners spend millions of dollars on water damage repair, and the longer they wait to dry out water damage, the higher the costs. That’s because if water isn’t removed as quickly as possible after a flooding incident, more problems like structural damage, mold growth, and mildew growth can occur.

Sewer line backups, burst pipes, and toilet overflows are just a few of the leading causes of water damage in Florida homes. Restoration services from Central Florida Restoration Solutions can help limit the expense and mitigate damage before things get out of hand.

What Happens The Longer You Wait to Dry Out Water Damage

Here are just several of the consequences you might face when water damage goes untreated:

  1. Damaged ceilings – Waterlogged ceilings can result in discolored paint and bulging plaster. Damage can also occur to ceiling fans and recessed lighting.
  2. Ruined drywall – It only takes minimal water exposure for drywall to swell and turn brittle.
  3. Electrical shorts and circuit damage – Water and electricity don’t mix, and electrical shorts can be a fire hazard.
  4. Corroded piping – While pipes are designed to withstand water flow, floodwater often contains chemicals and contaminants that set off reactions that cause them to weaken and erode.
  5. Weakened floors and walls – Wood acts like a sponge, so damage to your floors and walls can happen quickly. The more time that passes before you remove the water, the more it spreads, causing warping and buckling. That, in turn, can compromise wall stability.
  6. Mold growth and spread – It takes only 24 to 48 hours before different types of mold start forming and spreading through your house after a water incident, making it a health and structural hazard.

Can I Safely Dry Out Water Damage Myself?

Because water damage restoration involves much more than drying, cleaning, and disinfecting, drying out flooded areas in your home is best left to a professional restoration company. Experienced water damage technicians have the training and tools needed to quickly remove standing water, extract excess water from carpeting and furniture, and begin the drying process.

As to whether you can safely do the work yourself, the critical word is “safely.” There are inherent dangers in DIY water damage restoration, including electrical hazards, exposure to bacteria, the added weight of waterlogged items, and structural collapse.

Additional benefits you’ll enjoy by using a professional restoration provider include:

  • Eliminating health concerns – Depending on its source, there might be potentially hazardous bacteria in the water that can adversely affect peoples’ and pets’ health. Flood waters and sewage are of particular concern and should be handled with extreme caution.
  • Reduced costs – Hiring a water damage restoration expert as quickly as possible after water damage can reduce your total losses and the cost of cleanup and restoration. A timely response can save furniture, documents, and other valuable belongings before they’re destroyed. And when you hire a company that provides 24/7 emergency response, you can reduce your losses even more.
  • Preventing mold growth – Even the smallest damp area is a potential breeding ground for mold. As part of the water damage restoration services, technicians ensure all surfaces are completely dried and dehumidified to prevent molds from growing and spreading. They also use air filtration equipment and other treatments to keep mold from reappearing.

Save Yourself the Trouble: Call Central Florida’s Most Trusted Water Damage Restoration Provider

Seeing your home damaged by water can be heartbreaking, and trying to remedy the situation yourself can cause additional stress. When you leave the job to the professionals at a reputable water damage restoration service like CFRS, your property is swiftly restored to its livable state, and you’re able to move on from the incident as quickly as possible.

For more than 20 years, CFRS has been the water damage restoration company of choice for homeowners throughout Central Florida. We also provide mold damage, fire damage, and smoke damage restoration services. You can count on us to competently deliver any type of restoration services you might need.

Contact us today to schedule services or learn more.

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