Does A Remediation Company Handle Fire Damage Restoration?

Does A Remediation Company Handle Fire Damage Restoration?

No matter its size, a home fire can cause widespread damage and be emotionally devastating. Central Florida Restoration Solutions is a remediation company that also provides fire damage restoration services, including the discoloration and soot that’s difficult for homeowners to clean themselves.

As Central Florida’s most trusted fire restoration company, we’re committed to making the fire damage restoration process as stress-free as possible, returning your home to its previous state as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What You Should Know About Fire Restoration Services

When your Central Florida home experiences a fire, the aftermath is overwhelming and can leave you feeling vulnerable. Learning how fire damage restoration services can help return your life to normal goes a long way in making the recovery process less overwhelming while helping you avoid long-term issues and costly repairs.

Steps To Take After a House Fire

Once you know everyone is safe, your top two priorities after a house fire should be to:

  • Contact your insurance company to get the claim started. They will conduct what’s known as the “First Notice of Loss (FNOL), asking you questions about what happened. They may discuss your insurance coverage at this point and assign you to a claims adjuster who can help you with things like finding emergency housing if needed. The insurer might also schedule a time for the claims adjuster to come out and inspect your house to begin preparing a fire damage estimate.
  • Call a remediation company for fire damage restoration services. The sooner you get started on the restoration and repair process after a fire, the less time damage has to worsen. Keep in mind there might be damage not only from the fire itself but also from the water the fire department used to extinguish the fire. A fire damage claim can be a drawn-out procedure. CFRS has years of experience working with claims adjusters and insurance companies and is here to help you navigate the process.

Our company’s licensed and insured team will also conduct a damage assessment to get the restoration process started and reduce the risk of further damage. We:

  • Work with you to try and salvage as much of your personal and home belongings as possible, including furniture, clothing, appliances, and documents.
  • Document all removed items in writing and by taking photos.
  • Note the differences between structural and personal property damage.
  • Work with your insurance company or adjuster before, during, and after assessment and restoration.
  • Work carefully and quickly to get you back into your home.

Fire Damage Restoration Tasks You Can Perform

If fire officials confirm it’s safe to go back into your home, you might want to manage a few tasks yourself to minimize initial damage. Before entering the house, put on respiratory protection, work gloves, and clothing that covers all exposed skin.

  1. Ventilation: Open as many windows and doors as possible to start airing out the house. If available, use fans to force contaminated air and dust to the outside. Once our fire restoration pros arrive, they will set up industrial-strength fans and other equipment to speed up and complete the process.
  2. Cleaning: You can scrub some surfaces with soap and water if you need to get to certain items like important documents, but leave the heavy-duty cleaning for the restoration company. Alkaline cleaners help neutralize acids in soot and can reduce the lingering odor of smoke.
  3. Laundry: Wash clothing, bedding, and other items using a product with alkaline if possible. Taking some items to a dry cleaner with experience in remedying smoke damage can help. Of course, if you’re not sure if your washer and dryer were damaged in the fire, don’t use them.

Fire Damage Restoration Tasks Best Left to the Professionals

Professional fire damage restoration steps include a thorough cleanup using industrial-grade equipment and products. For instance, specialized filters are used in vacuums, and dry-cleaning soot sponges help remove loose soot. Submersible pumps remove standing pools of water, and rooms are sanitized to prevent the risk of health problems, including those due to mold.

Your restoration company then works with you to decide which items need to be discarded because they’re too damaged to repair or restore. This can include furniture and other items that contain contaminated water or mold. Carpets may need to be pulled up and thrown out, and you might need to repaint or repaper walls once they dry out.

Though there’s no denying the devastation a house fire brings, a fire damage restoration company can often leave your property looking better than it did before the fire. That’s because the best remediation companies do more than repair; they also renovate to optimize safety and appearance.

Fire Damage: Know Your Risks

Before diving deeper into the fire damage restoration process, let’s take a look at the most common causes of house fires. Knowing your risks and taking preventative measures is always your best defense against a house fire.

  1. Cooking equipment: According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), kitchen fires are the #1 cause of house fires. Never leave the cooking area unattended, and be sure to keep it free from clutter. If you must leave the room, either turn off the fire or ask someone else to stand guard. It’s easy to lose track of time, so set yourself a timer. Make sure you have a residential fire extinguisher on hand and learn how to use it correctly so you’re prepared if and when a fire occurs.
  2. Portable heaters: Many Central Florida residents rely on portable heaters when the weather turns colder. Space heaters should only be used in one area at a time and should be kept away from anything that could easily catch fire, such as bedding, rugs, and drapes. If you use a furnace during the winter, make sure to get it inspected at least once a year to ensure it runs properly when the temperature drops.
  3. Faulty wiring: This is the third most common cause of house fires. Flickering lights, the inability to run multiple appliances, or frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers may indicate a problem with your home’s electrical wiring. Be sure to have your wiring inspected by a licensed electrician to make sure it is in proper, working order.
  4. Smoking: Indoor smoking, particularly in bed or when lying on the sofa, can lead to a house fire as a dropped cigarette or hot ashes can ignite flammable materials like sheets, bedding, and carpets. Cigarettes, cigars, and pipes cause thousands of house fires and over $400 million in property damage each year. They are responsible for about five percent of reported house fires and over 20% of home fire fatalities. The NFPA says smoking inside the home leads to more house fire deaths than any other cause.
  5. Electrical and electronic equipment: Thesecan also spark a fire, particularly if your home has multiple overloaded outlets using power or extension cords. One of the best ways to prevent an equipment-related fire in your home is to make sure each major piece or appliance is adequately ventilated and has its own dedicated plug. Signs you have a problem appliance include toasters or microwaves that spark or smoke when you plug them in or turn them on. Don’t use appliances or electronic equipment that have a frayed cord, as this could also be a fire hazard.
  6. Candles: Candles are another leading cause of household fires. Many homeowners love the ambiance and beautiful scent of candles, but it’s crucial that they are never left in a room unattended. It’s estimated that candles cause over 8,000 house fires each year which result in nearly a hundred deaths. Christmas is the number one day for candle-related fires and about one in three starts in the bedroom.

Other common causes of house fires in Central Florida include outdoor grills that are too close to the main house, flammable liquids stored inside the house, and children playing with lighters or matches. Staying aware of the fire risks that might exist in your home goes a long way in helping you prevent a fire from occurring.

How Calling a Fire Restoration Company ASAP Can Save You Money

The hours after a house fire can be confusing and hectic. People often think the fire damage looks minor, so they put off having their house inspected until after the insurance adjuster comes out. But there are two problems with this approach:

  1. The longer you wait to call in a remediation company, the more extensive the damage can become.
  2. If you fail to take steps to remediate and restore your home post-fire, the insurance company may deem it as negligence and deny any future claims for additional damage.

It’s better to be proactive in making your fire-related claim. Experienced fire restoration professionals can help you identify and document damage you might overlook in all the chaos, making it easier for you to file accurate claims, and save you money and heartache in the long run.

It’s not unusual for a remediation company to step in before insurance companies do to assess the damage. As your trusted partner, they’ll guide you through the steps you need to take to get back to your everyday routines, and they’ll begin the restoration process to bring your home back to its former glory.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process

House fires are a scary experience for the people who live there. Central Florida Restoration Solutions has years of experience providing fire damage restoration services, including the removal of items damaged by soot, mold, or widespread water damage. We also handle post-fire smoke damage.

Our fire restoration process includes:

  • Devising a plan of action that tends to multiple projects in order to salvage as much of your property as possible.
  • Comprehensive smoke odor removal.
  • Smoke and soot cleanup.
  • When necessary, boarding up the house and placing tarps on the roof.
  • The use of advanced equipment, technologies, and techniques.
  • Industry-leading cleaning methods.
  • Referral to qualified contractors and vendors.

CFRS is Central Florida’s most trusted restoration solutions company. We’re dedicated to making the fire damage restoration process as worry-free and quick as possible. We know that when your home has been damaged by fire, you want fast, quality service that reassures you and limits further damage that could require costly renovations and repairs. You can always depend on our innovative approach to fire damage restoration to cause the least amount of disruption to your home and life.

If you need help from a qualified remediation company that also provides fire damage restoration services, contact CFRS today. We offer prompt fire damage restoration services to homeowners throughout Central Florida that can keep your home and family safe from the disastrous effects fires cause. We also provide 24/7 emergency services.

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