My Home Has Mold – Can I Remove It Myself?

My Home Has Mold – Can I Remove It Myself?

Home projects are always tempting to attempt yourself. In many cases, you’ll save some money, and the result will come out fine. There are plenty of guides all over the internet offering DIY mold removal tips. So, if you have mold in your house, should you save a few dollars and remove it yourself, or should you hire a mold remediation and home restoration team? Generally, it’s always best to hire a professional, but the answer depends on your unique situation.

Depends on the Size of the Infestation

If your mold problem is small and localized—less than three square feet—you might be able to remove it yourself. Here are some mold removal tips for smaller problems:

  • Fix any water leaks as soon as possible.
  • Dry the area thoroughly.
  • Scrub off the mold using water and detergent (not bleach). Let the area dry.
  • Discard any porous materials like ceiling tiles or drywall.
  • Wear protective equipment like a mask, goggles, and gloves.

Mold exposure can be dangerous, so make sure you follow the proper safety procedures no matter how small the infestation may seem. To ensure the safety of yourself and your family, it’s always best to hire a professional, no matter how small the problem may seem.

Reasons to Hire a Professional

While it’s possible to handle small mold patches yourself, it’s always best to hire a professional home restoration service, no matter how small the infestation may seem. A professional is the only one who knows how to remove mold safely and completely.

Exposure to Mold Can Be Dangerous

Mold spores are toxic, and even the slightest exposure could be enough to affect your health. The closer you get to the source—like if you try to clean it yourself—the worse the effects will be. Here are some symptoms of mold exposure:

  • Stuffy nose
  • Shortness of breath
  • Respiratory problems
  • Red or itchy eyes and skin
  • Worsen asthma symptoms

Professional mold remediation and home restoration service technicians use protective gear when working around infested areas. The only way to avoid health issues caused by mold is to leave the cleanup to the experts.

There’s Probably More You Can’t See

Mold typically doesn’t start growing on visible walls and ceilings. It usually starts places you can’t see, like behind walls, in crawl spaces, or above your ceilings. When you perform DIY mold removal, you only remove the mold at the surface and ignore what’s in hard-to-reach areas.

Plus, for all the mold you can see, there are millions of invisible spores floating around your home. The spores are what make mold dangerous. They’re the particles that can infiltrate your respiratory system and cause allergic reactions, shortness of breath, and worsen asthma symptoms. Spores are also central to mold reproduction. If you don’t remove them, mold could regrow in other areas of your home.

Mold remediation and home restoration experts understand how mold grows and its typical hiding places. They’ll be able to find it and eliminate it no matter where it hides. They also use commercial mold removal equipment like air scrubbers to remove spores and prevent mold from spreading around your house.

DIY Doesn’t Kill Mold at the Source

Think of mold like a leaking pipe. Sure, you can mop the floor and remove standing water, but unless you address the source of the leak, water is just going to come back. The same is true for mold. Without removing mold at the source, it’ll just grow back and cause more issues in the future.

Most DIY mold removal tactics eliminate the mold on the surface and never address the underlying reason the mold appeared in the first place. The only way to ensure mold won’t come back is to hire a professional. They’re skilled at finding and eliminating mold at the source to keep your family and your home safe for years to come.

Professionals Save You Money

It seems counterintuitive, but mold removal is one of the few DIY home projects that won’t save you money. The longer a mold problem goes unsolved, the worse it gets.

Attempting to remove mold yourself might save you money on labor costs initially, but what happens if you don’t catch it all? In a few months, the problem will be worse than ever, requiring not only a professional mold remediation service but home restoration as well! You might have to tear down walls and ceilings to eradicate a major infestation.

If you hire a professional right away, the problem will be resolved properly the first time. That saves you time, money, and headaches in the future.

CFRS: Mold Removal Specialists

Your family’s safety is too important to trust to DIY solutions. When you see mold in your home, it’s always best to call a professional no matter how insignificant it may seem. Even the smallest patches of mold might indicate a much larger problem. A professional will be able to eliminate mold at the source to prevent it from coming back in the future.

If you have mold issues in your home, trust the experts at Central Florida Restoration Services. We have over 25 years of home restoration experience, protecting Central Florida homes from fire, water, smoke, and mold damage. The minute you see mold, contact the pros at CFRS, and get your life back to normal.

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