Top Benefits to Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Company After a Flood

Top Benefits to Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Company After a Flood

Water damage caused by flooding is one of the most common home disasters. Unfortunately, floods caused by natural disasters and climate change are at an all-time high and result in billions of dollars worth of damage. While some states suffer more flood damage than others, any area of the country and any home is vulnerable to flooding. Natural or man-made, when a disaster or accident causes flooding in your Central Florida home, it’s good to know a professional water damage restoration company can help.

Common Causes of Home Flooding

Of course, if you’re in the middle of a flooding situation, you want to call a water damage restoration company that offers 24/7 emergency services. If you want to know how to reduce the risk of flooding in your Central Florida home, here are some of the most common causes of home flooding our customers deal with.

Broken Pipes

They often cause some of the most catastrophic floods in the home. Because water travels continuously through your pipes to and from multiple different locations and sources, broken pipes have the potential to quickly flood your entire house. 

Typical reasons for broken pipes include:

  • Freezing temperatures (fortunately, not usually a problem in Central Florida).
  • Poor water quality leading that leads to corrosion.
  • Loose fittings.
  • Damage from a repair or replacement project around/in your home or on your property.

To reduce the risk of flooding in your home, be aware of where all pipes are in and outside your home. Periodically check them for cracks, breaks, leaks, or corrosion. Another advantage to knowing where all your home’s pipes are located is that when other work is performed, you can reduce the likelihood of flooding your home if a pipe is damaged.

Defective Appliances

If you’re like most homeowners, chances are you have a variety of large appliances in your home that use water. Washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, and HVAC systems all use or produce water. When one of these appliances malfunctions due to things like faulty hoses, clogged drains, leaky intake values, improper installation, or supply line issues, a leak can occur that quickly gets out of hand and cause serious water damage.

Leaky Water Heaters 

Water heaters are another large appliance that can cause serious water damage. As they’re typically stored out of sight, people tend not to give their water heaters much thought. But because they’re constantly filling with water, even a small leak can cause significant damage to your home—especially if you’re away on vacation!

To prevent water damage caused by a broken water heater, be sure to inspect the equipment regularly. Look for dampness around the base or on the walls near the appliance. It could be a sign the water heater is reaching the end of its useful life or is being improperly maintained. Even if a leak seems minor, don’t delay having it checked by a plumber to avoid any water damage.

Poor Drainage

Clogged drains due to buildup of food, grease, debris, and hair are another common cause of home flooding. To ensure water flows smoothly through the pipes without backing up, use drain screens to catch anything that could clog the drain. It’s essential to have drain guards in your kitchen sinks so that food scraps like vegetable peels, eggshells, and oils don’t back-up in your pipes and cause a flood. 

Even if you have a garbage disposal, you should not put these items down the drain as they tend to cling to pipe walls and cause blockages. If you have a clogged drain and are tempted to use a store-bought drain remover, think twice before using it. These products only temporarily fix the problem, and the chemical can corrode your pipes which can then lead to breakage and flooding.

Clogged Gutters

Rain gutters and downspouts divert water away from your home. When debris builds up in the gutters, it can cause clogs which lead to gutter overflow. The excess water flows over the side of the gutters and pools around your home’s foundation. This can cause serious flooding problems. Be sure to regularly clean gutters to ensure water continues to flow properly and is diverted away from the house.

Advantages to Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Company After a Flood

After a home flooding incident, you have a lot to deal with. A million questions run through your mind:

  • Do I need to call a professional flood damage restoration company?
  • Where will I stay while they’re cleaning it up?
  • How long will the water damage restoration process take?
  • Why can’t I clean it myself?
  • Does my homeowner’s insurance cover water damage?
  • How bad could the damage be? It’s just water!

This last question is a hope many homeowners share, but it’s seldom realistic. When your Central Florida home’s been water damaged, it’s vitally important to call in the experts to properly clean and restore the area, especially if it’s been exposed to floodwaters for more than 24 hours. Calling in a professional water damage restoration company can significantly reduce damages, protect you and your family’s health, and prevent long-term problems.

Here are all the advantages you’ll enjoy by calling in a qualified, experienced water damage restoration company.

Safety First

Your family’s health is of the utmost importance. Many floodwaters carry bacteria and other hazardous organisms. This contaminated water can seriously affect your home and increase the chance of mold and mildew growth. Coming into contact with impure water can also put you or your family at risk for developing health problems. A water damage restoration has the proper safety equipment to handle contaminated water. And by not doing any of the work yourself, you stay out of harm’s way.

A Water Damage Restoration Company Fixes the Damage Quickly

Want to stop water damage in its tracks? The clock on mitigating damage starts ticking as soon as flooding occurs. In just 24 hours, your home can sustain extensive water damage, and mold and mildew can begin to grow and spread. A professional water damage restoration company has the equipment, expertise, and skills to clean, repair, and restore your home quickly and efficiently. They can also remove environmental threats, including mold and other hazardous substances.

Because they’ve performed so many water damage restorations, have the right tools, and are knowledgeable about all types of water damage, professional technicians can restore your home to its pre-flood condition much more quickly than you could yourself. And because restoration work is about much more than simply removing water, they also understand which areas should be handled first to prevent the most damage.

Ensure Complete Cleanup

The pros know where to look for hidden damage and water pooling. They have the proper tools and experience to ensure flooded areas are completely dry and can quickly determine if there’s been water damage to drywall, flooring, carpeting, and appliances. Plus, if there’s more than an inch of standing water, industrial equipment is required to do the job.

Provide Assistance with Insurance Companies

Anyone who’s tried to navigate the insurance process after a home disaster knows how complex and stressful it can be. A water damage restoration company can work with your insurer and even handle the claims process for you. They can accurately assess the water damage and document your losses so that you get the right amount of compensation.

Advice on Preventing Future Water Damage

After a flood, time is of the essence. To prevent further damage and prohibit mold and mildew growth, the water damage restoration process should, if possible, be started within 24 hours of the flooding. A water damage restoration company can also answer many of your questions and give you expert guidance on the steps needed to restore your home to full working condition. Best of all, they can offer advice on how to protect your home against future water damage, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Reduce Overall Loss

For most homeowners, water damage restoration and repair costs are the primary reasons for not calling in professionals. They often believe they can handle the problem themselves and save money by cleaning the flooded area or areas themselves.

The truth is, working with a water damage restoration company immediately after a flood occurs can drastically reduce your overall losses and costs. That’s because the sooner the water is extracted and the area’s dried, the less damage your home will suffer. A timely, professional response can protect your home from structural damage and save your bank account from covering long-term damage. They can also potentially get you more from your insurance claim, as they can identify water damage issues you might miss.

Quick, Safe, and Reliable Mold Remediation

One of the greatest hidden dangers of water damage is mold growth. Mold can be toxic and too dangerous for you to deal with yourself. A professional water damage restoration company can deal with mold quickly and safely using the most up-to-date tools and techniques to deliver the highest quality results. They’ll also advise you on steps that you can take to prevent future mold growth. You’re able to safely move back into your home in no time.

Central Florida’s Most Trusted Flood Damage Restoration Company

A little preventative maintenance indeed goes a long way in protecting your home against flooding and water damage. But while there are many ways to reduce the risk of flooding in your home, accidents and natural disasters happen without warning. Now that you know the benefits of hiring a water damage restoration company, it only makes sense to turn the cleanup services over to the professionals.

Central Florida Restoration Solutions is the area’s most qualified water damage, mold damage, fire damage, and smoke damage company. You can trust us to identify any and all water leaks in your Central Florida home, and you can depend on us to locate, assess, and handle any flood-related water damage that’s occurred. We have over 20 years of experience in helping Central Florida homeowners return their water, mold, fire, and smoke-damaged homes to pristine condition. You can rest assured we’re well-equipped to remove all water damage, no matter where it might be hiding.

To learn more about how investing in professional water damage restoration services can bring you big dividends and help you avoid costly repairs, contact CFRS today. We offer the support you need to keep your home and family safe from the devastating effects water damage can cause. In addition to water damage solutions, we also provide mold damage, fire damage, and smoke damage services, as well as 24/7 emergency services.

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