Central Florida Storm Season Can Deliver Water Damage & Mold

Central Florida Storm Season Can Deliver Water Damage & Mold

Hurricane season in Central Florida is prime time for water damage and mold. When you search for a “remediation company near me” to help you deal with storm-related damage to your home, you need to know you’re hiring someone who understands the realities and dangers of water damage.

Central Florida Restoration Solutions handles multiple types of damage, including water damage caused by water leaks after storms and hurricanes. We’ll help you identify the source of a leak and resolve the issue before the problem gets worse, spreads, and causes mold issues. We provide reliable services and superior results that bring you the peace of mind you deserve following a water disaster at your home.

What to Know About Storm-Related Water Damage in Central Florida

During a storm or hurricane, interior damage to your home starts with water that makes its way inside in one of several ways:

Broken Windows

It isn’t just leaky windows and doors that are a problem. Strong winds can shatter windows or pick up and propel loose items, such as lawn furniture, trash, and tree branches, into and through your home’s windows. Heavy rain can then pour in and proceed to flood rooms, splash against walls, and form stagnant puddles on the floors.

Roof Leaks

Your home’s roof is typically protected by its shingles, but hurricane-strength winds are powerful enough to rip those shingles right off the roof. With that extra layer of protection gone, your roof becomes susceptible to water leaks. Strong winds can also cause trees or power lines to fall onto the roof, resulting in even larger holes through which higher volumes of water can enter.


Flooding is always a significant concern during heavy storms or hurricanes. Central Florida coastal properties often face the risk of rapid flooding caused by ocean water storm surges. These enormous waves have been known to submerge multiple stories of buildings! Inland properties with low-lying topography, such as Orlando, can suffer water damage from slow-rising floods. A mix of rain and downward-flowing groundwater, these inland floods often submerge a building’s first level.

Salt Inundation

Leaky and burst pipes are two of the most common causes for water damage remediation and restoration. But there’s a big difference between water from a damaged pipe and water from a hurricane: salt. Ocean water’s salinity is much higher than that of freshwater. In a strong storm or hurricane, salty ocean water hitches along for the ride and is dispelled in the form of rain. Saltwater is particularly problematic when it comes to home damage because it can corrode metal and destroy wood. As saltwater damage can be more severe than freshwater damage, it’s vital to keep that in mind when assessing storm damage repairs.

There’s No Escaping Water Damage During Storm Season

It might be minor, or it might be a disaster, but after a heavy storm or hurricane, most Central Florida homes experience some type of water or mold damage, if not both. Unfortunately, that damage isn’t always immediately apparent. Some signs of water damage like stains on lower walls and warped floorboards are obvious, but much more can be subtly hidden away behind walls, under floorboards, and anywhere else where water has or is slowly leaking in.

With the help of a water damage restoration company that also offers leak detection, you can pinpoint water damage in your home and take the steps necessary to make repairs and keep any existing damage from getting worse.

Mold Damage

Left undetected and unaddressed, excess indoor moisture can quickly create the perfect breeding ground for mold. In fact, as we’ve often mentioned, it takes 48 hours or less after water penetrates your home for mold and mildew to develop. Homeowners in every state that experiences major storms and hurricanes invariably have indoor mold outbreaks they must deal with. Early mold removal and restoration prevents this hazardous substance from spreading and causing more damage, including health-related problems such as:

  • Allergy-like symptoms including stuffiness, wheezing, and red, watery eyes
  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing, which may be transient or chronic, not caused by an underlying disease
  • Fever

Mold damage remediation deals with everything from green, orange, and/or black mold, a particularly nefarious type of mold that grows in cellulose-rich building materials when water damage occurs. One of the biggest problems with detecting mold is it often hides in places you never thought about. The result can be a growing and expanding mold problem that goes on for weeks or months without you knowing about it.

If you notice mold growing in your Central Florida home, it’s a good idea to call in a mold remediation company to check it out. But because mold loves to hide, it’s best to call in the professionals any time your home has suffered storm-related water damage.

Why Timing Matters Most

Water and mold wait for no one! When you need a water or mold remediation company, you need them now. CFRS is available 24/7 for your emergency water and mold damage needs. Our services are available no matter what the water incident includes and no matter what time of the day or night you need them. Signs you need to call in a water damage restoration company ASAP include:

  • Flood damage from a hurricane or torrential rains
  • A broken water heater which, if no one is in the home to shut it off, could run for hours or days
  • Extensive plumbing leaks from a burst or broken water pipe or more minor issues like a leaking shower pan and clogged drain lines
  • Backed-up sewage lines

Whatever the storm-related cause of your damage, you need a restoration company you can trust to restore your Central Florida home back to its former condition.

What Services To Expect From a Qualified Restoration Company

Some restoration service companies only perform water or mold damage restoration. Others, like CFRS, offer multiple types of restoration services, including water, mold, fire, and smoke.

Many times after a storm you’ll need more than one type of remediation service. Here are just some of the services included in the home restoration process:

The remediation and restoration process typically involves:

  • Residential water damage and mold services
  • Commercial mold remediation and water damage services
  • Structural drying
  • Water removal
  • Humidity control
  • Moisture detection
  • Raw sewage cleanup
  • And more

CFRS also provides fast emergency and emergency planning services for Central Florida homeowners who want to put a remediation plan into place before the next major storm or hurricane. We’re happy to answer any and all questions you might have about the remediation process!

We provide exceptional restoration services through Central Florida. We have 9 convenient locations ready to serve you whenever you need our services:

  • Altamonte Springs East
  • Casselberry East
  • Deltona East
  • Deltona West
  • Orlando South
  • Orlando Southeast
  • Sanford East
  • Sanford Northwest
  • Winter Springs East

You’ll always find a remediation company close to you!

There are many advantages to hiring a local water and mold damage restoration company:

  • They can arrive quickly to assess your home’s damage and get started on repairs.
  • They’re on good terms with local contractors.
  • They can refer you to a reputable public adjuster if you need one.
  • They have experience dealing with local property insurance agents and companies.

Emergency Water and Mold Damage Services in Central Florida

Every homeowner knows disaster can strike any time of the day or night. When your home suffers water or mold damage due to a storm, you need help, and you need it fast! CFRS provides 24/7 emergency remediation services you can count on. We have more than 25 years of experience providing remediation and restoration services to nearly 1,000 customers. Our 18 industry certifications reflect our commitment to extensive training, quality work, and personal integrity.

Our water and mold restoration services include:

  • Deodorization and disinfection
  • Careful removal and restoration of damaged possessions and property
  • Floor inspections
  • Ventilation system checks for mold and mildew
  • Mold removal
  • Structural analysis
  • And more

Our complete and accurate damage assessment enables us to provide you with a reliable cost estimate, and there are no hidden added-on costs to surprise you when services are complete. We’re fully licensed and insured and have all required remediation and restoration services credentials. You can rest easy knowing that you’re protected from any responsibility or liability if anything goes wrong.

The “Remediation Company Near Me” You Can Depend On

Over the past 25 years, CFRS has established meaningful and trustworthy relationships with local home inspectors, contractors, roofers, adjusters, and insurance agents. We know how stressful it can be to deal with storm damage and want to make this sometimes difficult time as pain-free as possible. Our compassionate and friendly technicians are here to help alleviate any worries you might have.

We use the latest and most advanced tools, techniques, and equipment to perform whatever storm-related water and mold damage services are needed in your Central Florida home. These modern processes let us complete the home restoration process, mitigate mold growth, and ensure your personal property is properly cared for more quickly than ever before.

Most homeowners are surprised when they discover how complex the water and mold remediation and restoration process can be. At CFRS, we understand you may have concerns about what will happen to your home and your possessions. Luckily, we also know how to provide the services you need after a disaster quickly, efficiently, and with minimal additional disruption to your life.

Our full-scale water and mold remediation services including water and mold removal, cleaning, sanitizing, and more. You can trust our professional crews to make your Central Florida home like new again. They’re happy to answer any and all of your questions, soothe your nerves, and ensure our reliable services help get your life back to normal quickly.

Water damage after a storm or hurricane can happen to anyone. But once the storm clears out, you can count on CFRS to restore your home to pristine condition. From leak detection to identifying and remediating hidden mold, we provide every type of restoration service you need so your home’s interior remains a healthy place for you and your family.

Your home is a huge investment and its indoor environment has a big impact on your quality of life. If it suffers storm-related damage, you don’t need to face the cleanup on your own. From paperwork to full restoration, our team is on your side! Of course, we hope your home is never damaged by a storm or hurricane, but if it is, we’re standing by 24 hours a day to respond to your water and mold emergencies.

Contact CFRS online today or call us at 407-988-6101 to learn more about our top-notch, reliable water and mold damage restoration services or to schedule a consultation.

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