Using Central Florida Restoration Solutions for Mold Removal Can Save Public Adjusters Time

Using Central Florida Restoration Solutions for Mold Removal Can Save Public Adjusters Time

Whether it’s caused by a sudden plumbing leak, fire control, Central Florida’s storm season, or another cause, public adjusters are well aware of how severe mold damage in a home can be. And as the public becomes more aware of what mold is and the health-related hazards it poses, it’s become imperative to make sure people are aware of the clean-up, removal, and remediation services available to them.

Mold infestation takes very little time to spread throughout an entire home or business. And once they’ve taken hold, the costs associated with eradicating them and be costly, especially as more time passes without mold removal and remediation services.

Public adjusters and mold removal companies can work together to ensure that home and business owners get the compensation they deserve and the services they need to return their home to its previous condition.

The Different Roles of Public Adjusters and Mold Removal Companies in Mold Claims

Public adjusters and mold removal companies each play a crucial role in getting people the relief they need from mold damage. While public adjusters and mold removal specialists share the same goal, they have very different tasks which rarely overlap with one another.

  • Public adjusters help secure the funds a customer is making a claim for with their insurance carrier.
  • Mold removal companies help people protect their property and their health by doing whatever’s necessary to remove moldy items, properly clean and dry affected areas, and repair the affected property.

How can these two service providers work with one another? Read on to learn more.

What is a Public Adjuster’s Role in Mold Removal?

There are limits as to what a public adjuster can do during the mold removal process. By law, a public adjuster’s job is to negotiate with the property owner’s insurance company. They do not and cannot help with a property’s restoration process, nor can they generally interact with restoration contractors. 

However, when the mold removal process is going on at the same time negotiations are taking place with the insurer, such as when mold-related damages are urgent, it’s not unusual for a public adjuster to speak with their client’s home restoration contractors to discuss certain details of the claim.

What Does a Mold Remediation Company Do?

Unchecked mold can wreak serious havoc in no time at all. Mold removal companies handle serious mold problems wherever they exist. Unfortunately, visible mold is often just the tip of the iceberg. Drywall, subflooring, insulation, and other hidden areas can all be affected by mold infestation. A professional mold removal company ensures any mold growth is handled correctly.

Mold remediation companies have the professional skills and advanced equipment needed to remove mold and mildew thoroughly. They know what areas not to overlook and have years of experience in permanently solving mold problems.

Typically, the mold removal process includes:

  • Uncovering all the mold in the damaged property, including mold that’s hidden or present in the form of dormant spores.
  • Destroying black mold speedily and efficiently.
  • Using the proper equipment to remove mold from building materials, upholstery, clothing, and other textiles.
  • Locating and eliminating all sources of mold, whether from leaks or wet materials.
  • Preventing future mold growth by removing affected materials and applying solutions that inhibit mold development.
  • Repairing all mold-related damage and cleaning contaminated spaces thoroughly.

Mold removal services are an efficient and effective way to guarantee a customer’s Central Florida home or business is mold-free and continues to remain so once the project is complete.

Mold removal services typically include:

  • Removing water-damaged and mold-infested materials
  • Replacing severely damaged drywall
  • Cleaning and disinfecting walls, furniture, carpets, and other items
  • Cleaning and filtrating the premises to remove remaining mold spores

Most professional mold removal companies follow industry-recommended procedures such as mold inspections or assessments, mold containment, mold removal, and filtration/repairs to ensure all mold is eliminated and never returns.

  • Mold inspections and assessments ascertain the severity of the mold problem as well as the types of mold infestation being dealt with. Some inspections might include taking air samples.
  • Mold clean-up and removal recommendations are then made, including choosing which products, equipment, and techniques will be the most effective in treating the damage.
  • Containment is used for more extensive mold remediation and removal. For safety reasons, all affected areas are entirely closed off until the mold removal and remediation process is over, and mold spores have been eliminated.
  • Appropriate mold removal techniques and products are used to make the process less complicated. Extreme damage sometimes requires replacing all affected materials.
  • Air filtration machines with HEPA filters are employed to ensure safe indoor air quality.
  • Any needed repairs are made tofix and restore damaged property.

Can Public Adjusters Take on the Role of a Mold Removal Service Provider?

As it would be considered a conflict of interest, public adjusters are prohibited from taking on the role of mold removal contractors (and vice versa). But they can advise property owners on how to find and choose a mold removal company in their area. For instance, you can tell property owners about the services and standard rates offered by one or more restoration companies in the community. You can also discuss the types of equipment and materials used by a particular restoration company in carrying out its work. 

Public adjusters are also permitted to offer property owners with mold damage claims information on how to select the right home restoration company to work on their property. For example, you can educate home and business owners about local and state laws regarding home restorations services, or you can advise people on the standard rates offered by local home restoration companies.

So, while public adjusters can’t participate in the actual mold removal and restoration process, they can offer their clients valuable advice.


Mold Removal Referrals by Public Adjusters

If a client with a mold damage insurance claim needs help finding a reliable local mold removal and home restoration company, you are permitted to refer certain contractors in your area. Public adjusters are also permitted to interact with mold removal companies in certain circumstances. These situations typically include:

  • When a property owner asks you to speak with the mold removal company. They might want you to examine the company’s credentials or want the mold removal company to provide you with additional information. Either way, you and the restoration contractor should comply with the property owner’s request. 
  • When the mold removal company uncovers new information. Many public adjusters are highly skilled investigators but might occasionally miss an important clue. If negotiations with the insurance company are still ongoing and the mold removal technicians find a previously unknown item of interest, they could be obligated to present their findings to you to assist you in your job. 
  • When public adjusters need more information. Let’s say you need help calculating the total cost of damages to a client’s property. You might find it helpful to speak with the mold removal specialists to reach a more accurate estimate. For instance, if a client’s home is infested with a particularly aggressive or rare form of mold, you can tap into the mold remediation expert’s deep knowledge to determine how much it will cost to remove the mold spores entirely.
  • When legal issues are involved. Some mold remediation cases have legal issues that can complicate negotiations with the property owner’s insurance company. When home restoration companies encounter such problems, they’re obligated to inform their customer, who, in turn, can inform their public adjuster. If you, the public adjuster, need additional information on a specific matter, you can also speak with your client’s mold removal company. An example of this is when a property is damaged by fire and water and the mold removal company’s inspection and investigation uncover evidence the fire was arson. They must provide you with this new detail.
  • When you want a second opinion.  Insurance companies regularly use their own insurance adjusters whose job is to gather information that helps them, the insurance company, during negotiations. When you want to challenge the findings of these private insurance adjusters, you can speak with your client’s restoration company to look for evidence that helps you argue your case.


By now, it’s apparent that most of the situations where public adjusters and restoration companies work together involve a lot of information. Of course, there are times when public adjusters have all the information they need and don’t require the help of a home restoration company. But their client may require mold removal services. Being able to recommend a professional restoration company adds another level of customer service that can lead to more business for the adjuster.

In short, public adjusters and home restoration companies are advocates for property owners dealing with mold damage. They make it easier for home and business owners to focus on communicating with loved ones, saving valuable belongings, and relocating to a safer place, if necessary.

Partner With Central Florida’s Most Reliable Mold Remediation Company

When dealing with mold damage, property owners depend on public adjusters and home restoration companies to help them return their homes and businesses to good condition and get the fair treatment they deserve from their insurance companies. By working together, home restoration companies and public adjusters can ensure that happens.

Partnering with a professional mold removal provider offers public adjusters big returns in the way of more referrals, improved customer loyalty, and business growth. Finding the right home restoration professional to partner with doesn’t need to be a complicated affair.

At Central Florida Restoration Solutions, we see referral opportunities the same way we see other partnership opportunities with home service providers. We believe we provide the kind of mold removal services any public adjuster would feel confident recommending to property owners. And your clients will appreciate you making the referral, saving them the time and effort to locate a home restoration company on their own.

Our more than 25 years of experience in the mold remediation business speaks for itself. We have 18 industry certifications and have provided mold removal and other restoration services for nearly 1,000 customers. Our local reputation speaks for itself. Our customer reviews are all the proof you need to know we’ll treat your clients with the respect they deserve. Our extensive network of skilled and highly qualified professionals, including roofers, plumbers, and public adjusters work with us to handle any size or scope mold damage project.

At CFRS, we believe the bests collaborations let each professional perform their area of expertise. While you help your client get the maximum return on their mold claim, we clean and sanitize the client’s home or business with the latest mold removal and remediation equipment. We’re Central Florida’s most experienced provider of mold damage, water damage, fire damage, and smoke damage restoration services. You and your clients can always depend on us to locate and assess any and all mold infestations and provide the services needed to mitigate any damage that’s occurred.

To learn more about how referring Central Florida Restoration Solutions for mold remediation services can benefit your business, contact us online today or call or text us at 407-988-6101.

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